Reviews of Art of Kosher Wine Making

5.0 out of 5 stars A very informative and comprehensive book, March 17, 2017
By Israel Drazin
This review is on: Art of Kosher Wine Making (Paperback)by Dr. Barry Nadel
Wine is one of the joys of life. Judaism recognizes this and has Jews open the Sabbath meal with a blessing that is said over wine just before eating the festive meal. Wine is also used at the close of the sabbath, to celebrate Passover, as part of a wedding ceremony, and at other times. It is considered one of the seven special species of the land of Israel. Yet most people know little about wine, why there is a need for the wine to be kosher, and how to make it so.
Dr. Barry Nadel answers these and many more questions in this comprehensive, very informative, easy to read book. He speaks about the secrets of home wine making, the misconceptions about wines, about grapes, yeast, bacteria, fermentation, aging, bottling, blending, effects of temperature, and much more. He tells readers about all they need to know about wines, including the differences between wines and how to evaluate wines and how to enjoy them, and does so in an interesting fashion

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Beyond explaining these five differences between wine that’s kosher and wine that is not kosher, in Art of Kosher Wine Making, Nadel addresses himself to the hobbyist who wants to make kosher wine at home. It’s obvious that Nadel is a scientist. There’s a surprising amount of chemistry in the process of making wine and he explains why it’s necessary to understand these concepts. The book is packed with specific information on topics such as fermentation, characteristics of different types of grapes, blending, corking and much more.

Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) asks “Who is wise? The one who learns from every person.” Whether you plan to make kosher wine at home or are just curious how it’s done, Dr. Barry Nadel’s guide guarantees you will learn something about the kosher wine you used for kiddush last Shabbat.

Adam Montiforie of the Jerusalem Post reviewed the book and wrote:This is a wonderfully useful and
interesting book and should be part of any budding domestic winemaker’s library, whether
Jewish or not. However for the Jewish winemaker, it offers assistance that does not exist today, and
as such is invaluable.