Ethics and Morals for Children (Stories of Danny and Yossie)

This series of children’s stories are based on the main characters of the Hoshiyan Chronicles from the time of their mothers’ pregnancies until they are young men of 13. These are stories of ethics, morals and teaching acts of loving kindness.

There is a special bond between these two boys. One will grow up to be a genius and the other the famous king, the Light of Justice. Follow how these two boys grow up to be examples of exemplary friends, sons, siblings, students and citizens.

Enter the world of the Hoshiyan Chronicles in a land far from us where life is lived on a different level.

Coming soon:

Danny and Yossie: First Words

Danny and Yossie and the Ant Colony

Danny and Yossie Asher Yatzar

Danny and Yossie Learn about Fear

Danny and Yossie and the Golden Rule

Danny and Yossie Learn Faith

The Hoshiyan Children’s Book of Ethics.