Grouchy Bear: Children’s Series About Friendship and Cooperation


Grouchy Bear Series:

Book 1: Grouchy Bear Grins

Book 2: Grouchy Bear Smiles:

Book 3: Grouchy Bear is Happy

Age group: 4-7 year-old children

Subject: Teaching children sharing, cooperation and friendship.

Appropriate for: This book is appropriate for everyone. Those who hold to higher standards of language and illustrations will find nothing inappropriate, scary or frightening in this book.

grouchy Bear smiles 2

Synopsis: Grouchy Bear wakes up all alone and hunger after his winter hibernation. He has a hard time finding food and sleeps his first night all alone in the cold. In the morning he meets squirrels that encourage him to work together to harvest acorns. Grouchy Bear reaps the benefits of cooperation by getting the first real meal since he woke up. Grouchy follows bees to their hive and meets another bear. Each tries alone and fails to get the beehive out of the tree. Only together to they succeed to bring the honey-filled hive to the ground. At the end Grouchy smiles, he has sweet tasting honey and a new friend.

two bears sitting cartoon_FotoSketcher