Cheat Sheet For Shielding the Light of Justice





Shielding the Light of Justice

Tips to better understand

Professor Rosenberg vs Deputy Minister of the Interior

Ernesto Palmerio


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Understanding the complexity of the series takes some effort. The story is written on three levels that move in-between each other. The first level is the Israel team of archeologist working in Southern Spain, under Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg. The second level are the stories of General Aharon Dori, the storyteller; his adventures while in northern Europe and southern Spain. The final level is the Hoshiyan Chronicles, the stories of Aharon Dori’s people.


  1. Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg became Ernesto Palmerio’s escape goat. By accusing and throwing the professor and his team in prison, he removed any suspicion that he might be the terrorist. Yoshua is however, an experienced officer in the Israeli Defense Forces anti-terrorist unit. Combined with his abilities in the marital arts and total recall, there is no prison that can hold him.


  1. Ernesto Palmerio, deputy minister of the Interior, responsible for Spain’s police forces.  In really, he is the leader of the Basque terror organization in Southern Spain. It was a member of his team that set the bomb in the registry office in Cordoba for which Yoshua was accused.


  1. Bishop of Granada, a friend and fellow archaeologist to Prof. Rosenberg. Yoshua once saved his life when a tunnel they had excavated collapsed. Yoshua had dug him out. His mistake alerted Ernesto to be waiting form them.


  1. Rivka Arieli, wife of Dr. Michael Arieli, teacher of archery.


  1. Dr. Michael Arieli, King of the Hoshiyan people. Together with his wife they silently eliminated an ambush to kill Yoshua with their archery skills.




Author’s Quote: “It is a great commandment to be joyous at all times.” The commentators say how can one be joyous even in the face of death and bad tidings. The question is what is true joy? Joy on the surface means to be happy and gay, however, on a much deeper level, true joy is coming closer to God. If it is his will that someone dies, then it is incumbent upon us to come closer to Him, by accepting his will. Therefore, one can be “joyous” even at a funeral, if you accept that this was God’s will.”




Dr. Barry Nadel