Children’s Books Ethics and Morals

A New revolutionary series of children’s books for various ages have been written and illustrations are now being prepared.

Story for Young Children

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Grouchy Bear Smiles is a story that promotes cooperation, sharing and friendship for toddlers. This is the story of how a lonely bears learns through working together that he can make friends and benefit.


The Little Greenhouse


little Greenhouse photo_FotoSketcher

The Little Greenhouse is a story of working together and loving kindness. It tells how the grandchildren of farmer Benny come together and renovate his broken down beloved little greenhouse.



The Hoshiyan Children’s Book of Ethics

This is a book to teach children (ages 6-9) ethics and morals by linking concepts to the ABC’s. Below is a short excerpt to the book.

King Daniel Arieli sat with his grandchildren on the grass in the courtyard to teach them about ethics. He smiled at each one. His eyes twinkled with love for them. “Today I want to talk to you about the difference between right and wrong,” he said.

The easiest way to remember is connecting the idea with a letter. Let’s learn together,” their grandfather  said.

A is for action: To act when needed and not stand by and let a bad thing happen.


B is for brave: To stand up for what is right.

standing up_FotoSketcher

Evy Charity starts at home“C is for?” “I know, I know,” little Uzziel said waving his hand. “Yes Uzziel, what does C stand for. Six year old Uzziel stood up and said with a big smile, “Charity.” “That’s right. Now go to grandmother Ronit and she will give you a piece of honey comb,” the King said.

“C is for Charity: To help others in need.”


There are many more books on there way soon.

The Danny and Yossie series. Daniel Arieli and Yossie Drori were connect from before their births. Born the same day, at the same time, in the same room, these are the stories of two boys that are more than friends. Each with their own gift. Yossie is a genius and Danny has a special gift that gives to others.

Danny and Yossie: First Words

Danny and Yossie and the Ant Colony

Danny and Yossie Learn Faith (Emuna)

Danny and Yossie Learn about Fear

Danny and Yossie: The Golden Rule

Danny and Yossie: Asher Yashar