Synopsis of Book 2 Shielding the Light of Justice

book-2-front-coverThe prison warden organizes the inmates to kill Sasha and Yoshua, but they escape. After tremendous economic pressure, the King pardons the team, just as Ysrael and 9 other Aluzians were about to break Yoshua and his team out of prison. They return home, welcomed as conquering heroes.

Deputy Minister of the Interior, Ernesto Palmerio tries to lure the professor back to Spain so he can rearrest him. Israeli intelligence passes them information that the deputy minister is a traitor and, in fact, the leader of the Basque terrorists. Yoshua with the help of his brother’s team and Alberto’s papal black ops unit in a blazing shoot out, they capture the traitor. The minister of Interior allows Yoshua’s team to return to Spain and work on all the artifacts. However, he must have a Spanish archaeologist to work with him, Dr. Miguel Sarmiento. The Spanish archaeologist turns out to be a selfish, arrogant, trouble maker.

An English-Pakistani mobster seeks revenge on Dr. Jamerson for failing to save his wife and daughter after a horrible automobile accident. He comes to Spain with the intention of murdering Simon and all those associated with him.