Shielding the Light of Justice


Hoshiyan Chronicles Book 2

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Shielding the Light of Justice is the second book of the Hoshiyan Chronicles. It is the continued story of the intertwining of the spiritual development of the team of archaeologists and their quest to save the books and mummies they found in the sealed room.

The story continues to unfold the story of the changes that occur to Yoshua Rosenberg, ¬†Aviva Berger and Sasha Chrominshy while in prison and afterward. Aviva realizes while in prison that 4 walls and bars can’t imprison her soul and creativity. She reaches deep within her soul to realize that she had the tools to change all the time. Once again, after 25 years she begins to create original art.

The reader gets a good look into the soul of Yoshua. He reveals his lack of fear of death in a heart to heart discussion with his daughter. While he is willing to die for his family, his daughter wants him to live for them.

The second book reveals how Yoshua solves the problem of recovering the rights to mummies and books by capturing a traitor in the Spanish government in a spectacular shoot-out.

This book brings the reader to the point of the opening of the first book. The entire team is wondering what is hiding behind its bindings?