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 bn6 20-3-14 Barry Nadel (Ph.D.)

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Dr. Barry Nadel is an author, agricultural consultant, and expert in plant genetics, plant breeding, physiologists, domestication, propagation, plant tissue culture, and the commercial production of Medicinal

Presentation Topics

1.     The Hoshiyan Chronicles: The tangled web and how it all comes together throughout the series.

The guiding concepts that pushed me to write. Why create a place based on justice, righteousness and faith?

How Bible stories helped set the basis of the series (Abraham to God: ‘You won’t destroy the righteous with the wicked’). Explanation of the three levels that series is written on.


2.     The story behind writing Seeking the Light of Justice.

A spiritual journey that moved along slowly until the death of  my wife and then how things took off. From mourning to      spiritual development, from fear to confidence, from sickness to health, it is a journey that will never be finished.




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Seeking the Light of Justice

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December 2015


What one editor wrote…

“Your work is very well written. I’d call this a light to medium edit. When I first opened it, I thought it was a novel, but after reading it, I think it’s nonfiction. This really happened, right?  If not, you have an amazing imagination, because you just can’t make up some of these details. (Or maybe you can?)

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