Synopsis of Book 3 Oath of Peace


Synopsis of Book 2  Oath of Peace (Brit Shalom).

The mobster trying to kill Dr. Jamerson is stopped in the combined efforts of the police with Simon and Yoshua. They are also aid, without them knowing, by the papal agents spying on them.

The team reassembles and the first book they open to read turns out to be the  community ledger. This greatly aids in the identification of the mummies.

Everyone is shocked as the first page of the second book they open is an exact replica of the cover page that had started their entire saga. Gefen reads the first chapter. In it Aharon Dori, the storyteller,  begins his own story in 15th century central Europe and commences telling the history of the creation of the country of Hoshiya. He unveils wealth of information about the physical geography of Hoshiya. The storyteller weaves his story of the history of his people from a small cluster of villages to a military powerhouse and protector of their weaker neighbors. Eventually, the results of wars bring the southern allies to beg the Hoshiyans to absorb them into their country.

The team checks the geographical data that Aharon Dori supplies and come to the conclusion that no such place exists in this world. The professor concludes that the Chronicles are fiction. This causes friction between the professor and Dr. Jamerson.

Aharon lays down two very basic attributes of the Hoshiyan people. First they send out a convoy of boats every year to seek a passage home to Israel. The second they all agree to sign a pact of brotherly love (ahavat chinam) which they call the Oath of Peace (Brit Shalom). This document must be signed by every Hoshiyan when they turn 18. It states that they will never raise their hand in violence against their fellow countrymen.

In this book,  the development of technology, science and spirituality of these people  progresses in parallel  with their expansion from from villagers to a full-fledged country.