Synopsis for Seeking the Light of Justice


2-line Summary:

 Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg is seeking the origins of the legend of the Light of Justice. He stumbles into the heinous results of the Spanish Inquisition and opposition from the Pope.

Short Synopsis:

Professor Yoshua Rosenberg’s team of archeologists is investigating the widespread stories of the Light of Justice. The first solid lead is discovered in the binding of a 500 year old book. Unknown to them they have caught the attention of Vatican security.  The discovery leads them to Southern Spain, the horrors of the Inquisition and prison.

Medium Synopsis:

The legends of the Light of Justice are spread across numerous cultures and time frames. Professor Yoshua Rosenberg and his team of archeologists are hot on the trail of the identity of the Light of Justice. The professor discovers in Italy, a 500 year old book binding containing the cover page of the Hoshiyan Chronicles.  Vatican security picks up the posting on the internet of the cover page.  In a well-hidden vault in the bowels of the Vatican, the Pope finds an ancient papal directive to destroy all copies of Chronicles.

There is a conspiracy of silence around Yoshua, for he is the hope to fulfill the prophecy of the great Hoshiyan prophet Elisha Arieli. For only by freedom of choice can Yoshua fulfill the prophecy.

The cover page leads the Israeli scientists to southern Spain where they discover the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition. Among the 46 mummified bodies are two men, father and son clutching 8 books.


Long Synopsis

During a routine dismantling of an antique book’s binding, Israeli Archaeologist Yoshua Rosenberg discovers the first solid clue in his quest for the legendary king, The Light of Justice.

Following the professor’s Internet posting, the Pope is notified of the find by Vatican security. He ventures into an underground vault and finds an ancient directive to destroy all copies of the Hoshiyan Chronicles; this book describes social, economic, spiritual and technological advances far beyond those of 15th century Europe. The pope in those days feared that a Hoshiyan Army would defeat of Christian Europe.

While researching archives in Granada, the professor finds his next clue,  a former synagogue converted to a now vacant chapel. Professor Rosenberg negotiates to buy it. While at the land registry office in Cordoba to transfer the deed of ownership, a suspicious briefcase catches the professor’s eye. The professor saves many lives; the briefcase contained a bomb planted by the Basque Separatist movement.  The Spanish press declares Yoshua a hero.

Upon transfer of ownership, a local priest provides the professor with an old set of blueprints for the chapel.  While examining them, the professor discovers that the outer dimensions exceed those of the interior, indicating an additional room that was sealed off.

When the professor and his team breach the walls, they discover a monstrous horror: 46 tortured mummies, the remnant of a Jewish community tortured by the Inquisition and sealed behind a double brick wall. Thus, their place of worship became their tomb. Eight books were found with the bodies.

Yoshua realizes his discovery will cause the Spanish government humiliation on an international scale; he fully expects the authorities to shut down Yoshua’s excavation project and confiscate everything.

Financier of the project, Dr. Simon Jamerson, suggests they should grab the books and escape to Gibraltar. Yoshua argues that such an action would incite the authorities to ‘disappear’ the bodies forever. Providing a proper burial for the martyrs morally outweighs whatever they might find in the books.

Fueled by Papal encouragement, the Spanish government arrests the Israeli archaeologists and confiscates all their finds. The Deputy Minister of Interior accuses Professor Rosenberg of planting the bomb in Cordoba and arrests him and part of his team on charges of terrorism.

Concerned about the valuable treasures found at Nido de Aguila, the Israeli Ambassador deploys the Mossad to watch over them. The Mossad reveals a plot by the Vatican black ops unit to destroy all the evidence from the site. The Mossad agents lay an ambush in the medical examiner’s office and catch the Papal agents red-handed with accelerants. The fire at the morgue was meant as a distraction from the main mission, the destruction of the books.

The final chapter of the book finds the Israel scientists in solitary confinement in Madrid’s Valdemoro prison, known as “Madrid III”, which sits amid the arid badlands south of  Madrid. The final scene is of deep reflection and spiritual growth of the three and Professor Rosenberg’s decision to start planning an escape.

5 Points of Interest about the Book’s Content or Story:

  1. Point of Interest. The fantasy, Hoshiyan Chronicles is almost within the boundaries of reality. The actions taken by the characters, almost all fall within the ability of very spiritual people.
  2. Point of Interest. The series deals with many difficult spiritual questions and tries to provide either answers or guidelines.
  3. Point of Interest. The main character of the first two books, Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg is undergoing a spiritual renewal.
  4. Point of Interest. Yoshua has no idea that he is descended from a Prince of Hoshiya and is the only person that can fulfill the prophecy of the great Hoshiyan prophet Elisha Arieli. Only by accepting the existence of the Hoshiyan people and experience by freedom of choice can he make the prophecy come true.
  5. Point of Interest. The main character, Daniel Arieli, of the series is hinted to in the first 3 books. Daniel Arieli is born at the same moment as Yosef Drori and they share one soul. Together they rise about the damage caused by traitors and lift the entire nation to spiritual heights unknown before by mankind.


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Seeking the Light of Justice.
By: Dr. Barry Nadel
Published by: Create Space Kindle

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