Cheat Sheet for Seeking the Light of Justice

Tips to better understand Elisha Arieli’s Prophecy and theConspiracy of Silence around Yoshua Rosenberg.

Understanding the complexity of the series takes some effort. The story is written on three levels that move in-between each other. The first level is the Israel team of archeologist working in Southern Spain, under Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg. The second level are the stories of General Aharon Dori, the storyteller; his adventures while in northern Europe and southern Spain. The final level is the Hoshiyan Chronicles, the stories of Aharon Dori’s people, the Hoshiyans.

Hoshiya – A country on the continent of Lomar. It was settle by refugees escaping from the retribution of the Roman army against the Jewish revolt.

The Prophecy of Crown-Prince Elisha Arieli. The people of Hoshiya will remain in hiding among their fellow Jews until a prince of Hoshiya who doesn’t know that he is an Hoshiyan will accept the existence of Hoshiya, its people and culture on his own free will.

Since Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg has been identified as the person who has the potential to fulfill the prophet’s vision, then all Hoshiyans are sworn to silence around him, including his wife and children.  

 General Aharon Dori was sent by the prophet to Aliyah (this world) to spread the stories of the Light of Justice.

Aharon Dori became a storyteller and wandered about northern Europe and ended his days in Nido de Aguila in the Emirate of Granada (Spain).

 Ernesto Palmerio, deputy Minister of Interior, in really the leader of the Basque terror organization in Southern Spain.

 The Hoshiyan people were made up of the descendants of the original refugees from the village of Choron, part of the tribe of Naphtali that intermarriage with the Nolians, part of the tribe of Asher that intermarriage with the people of Aluz, and the Shemites who were monotheistic living in the south.

 Author’s Quote: “It is a great commandment to be joyous at all times.” The commentators say how can one be joyous even in the face of death and bad tidings. The question is what is true joy? Joy on the surface means to be happy and gay, however, on a much deeper level, true joy is coming closer to God. If it is his will that someone dies, then it is incumbent upon us to come closer to Him, by accepting his will. Therefore, one can be “joyous” even at a funeral, if you accept that this was God’s will.”



Dr. Barry Nadel