Oath of Peace (Brit Shalom)

Hoshiyan Chronicles Book 3

Minister of Interior moves fast and sets up a temporary police station next to the chapel and Dr. Miguel Sarmiento joins the team as the government representative. The team survives an attack by a English-Pakistani mobster bent on revenge against Dr. Jamerson; the same man that murdered his wife.

After restoring and fumigating the first book, they open it to find it is a wealth of information. It is the community ledger of the Jewish community of Ohel Rivka. The ledger not only identifies everyone by birth, marriage and death, there is commentary on events of the life of the community. The ledger also reveals three secret compartments built into the building. The first they already know about; the cubbyhole that had held the books they found in the dead men’s arms.

The second secret compartment brings to light several cloth bags, hidden treasure of gold coins, precious gems, and irreplaceable handwritten books. Dr. Sarmiento’s true character is exposed by the discovery of the hidden wealth. His greed, dishonesty and lust are revealed. He desires not only the gold, but the beautiful expert in art restoration, Dr. Aviva Berger. The last cloth bag reveals a sketch of a compound bow. There is no doubt that the sketch is at least 525 years old, yet as far as anyone knows the compound bow was invented in 1969!

The last hiding place reveals only a dagger with an unusual pummel and a coded note. Gefen breaks the encryption. The letter from the grandson of Aharon Dori reveals that the greatest treasure was hidden at the headwaters of the stream that provided water for the community’s ritual bath (mikveh). After retrieval, and restoration, the letter is from the King of Hoshiya, testifying to General Dori’s identity and that he is a loyal officer of the Hoshiyan Army. The Hoshiyan’s hopes that Yoshua would accept the letter as real are crushed.  Yoshua refuses to accept the authenticity of the letter, owing to the lack of collaborating evidence.

Trouble with Dr. Sarmiento increases as he grabs the limelight by announcing to the press on Shabbat that he found the treasures. This increases the tension between the Spaniard and the Israelis.

The second book to be restored is Aharon Dori’s first book of the Hoshiyan Chronicles.