Introduction to Kosher Wine and Home Winemaking

Summary of Wine Book

This book is an introduction to kosher wine and practical home wine.


making. Home wine making can be a lot of fun and a great family experience. It is an excellent way to properly introduce your children into the world of wine. In increasing numbers Jewish people are searching for ways to make and enjoy their own wine in the comfort of their homes. The religious community has been making sweet wine for hundreds of years, but over the past decades there is an ever increasing demand for higher quality wines.

The book covers all the necessary information one needs to know to make technologically sound wines. There are a number of illustrations and photos that will help the home winemaker to better understand the process. The first chapters cover the fundamental areas of vines, grapes, yeast, and fermentation. Then the book deals with why one uses varietal grapes and how to select them for making wine.

The next section of the book deals with all the aspects of Kashrut and wines, such as Orlah, Trumot and Ma’ssrot, Avodah Zorah, Kilahyim and interaction with non-Jews.

The book then goes into detailed methodology of how to crush, ferment, stabilize, and clarify wines. It covers the effect of temperature on the grapes before picking and the effect of temperature during the wine making process. All the necessary steps and information of how to make technically sound wine are provided. All the different types of grape wines are discussed and how they are made.

Wine is made from many other plants besides grapes, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. Step by step recipes are provided for making fruit wines and mead (honey wine).

The next section is sensory evaluation. This part of the book teaches one how to evaluate wines using all our senses, sight, smell, taste, and touch.

The final section of the book has chapters on the importance of sanitation, a list of wine additives, lists of equipment and chemicals and finally a glossary of important wine aroma terms.