The Hoshiyan Chronicles Series

Please, let me welcome you to the world of the Hoshiyan Chronicles. It is a world that at first glance  seem slightly magical, but in reality, people with highly developed senses of spirituality can do almost all the acts recorded in the Chronicles.

The Hoshiyan Chronicles was conceived originally as a story I wrote with my children. Like all children, they lost interest quickly. However, I found that I liked to write. The story expanded and grew over the next twenty years. From the beginning the stories are based on three basic principles: Faith, Righteousness and Justice.

For the 29 months I was married to my late wife, I hardly wrote. There seemed to be no need. She died in my arms of cancer and that was the real beginning of who I am and what I write today.  Her death began a journey that I am still on, but things have become much clearer with time and effort.

It is strange that I wrote about the main character, Daniel Arieli, king of Hoshiya would have three wives and the middle one dies. This I wrote before I even met my late wife. In the end I had three wives and the middle one died: Spooky! In her honor, I changed the name of that character, Michal, to Hadassah to honor my late wife. Much of the emotions I wrote about in this character are emotions that I myself experienced.

Much of what I write about is quite emotional for me and I need lots of tissues around when I write. Life during the years previous to meeting my late wife were very difficult and I heaped disaster after disaster on Daniel Arieli in order to show how his faith shines through time after time.

The Chronicles is filled with many stories, some sad, happy, funny, tragic, loving and showing the importance of a sense of duty to one’s fellow man. The Chronicles demanded endless research and where possible the information is quite accurate.

The story is based on the expansion of Avraham our Father’s statement to God. In Genesis 18: 13 God had just told Avraham that he is going to destroy Sedom because the people are wicked. “And Avraham approached and said, “Will You even destroy the righteous with the wicked?” I expanded on this idea and took an entire village of righteous people and let God save them from the Roman 10th Legion by taking them to a parallel universe with a one way portal.

The call their new land Hoshiya from the meaning refuge and the saying Hoshiya et Hamecha (Save your nation). In Hoshiya a village transforms into a nation, but a nation not suppressed by outside, religious, cultural, or technological sources. I show how they advance and develop in all these spheres. The pinnacle of their spiritual develop comes in the generation of Daniel Arieli, the Light of Justice. It starts with the Quartet, Daniel Arieli, Yosef Drori, Avigdor Yaroni and Yerachmiel Tzioni. It is expanded upon by Hadassah Chorev with the help of Yerachmiel Tzioni during their eight years of captivity.

Daniel Arieli is loosely based on King David, a faithful servant of the Holy One Blessed be He.