Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Barry Nadel, Author & Scientist

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Barry Nadel


Name                     Dr. Barry L. Nadel

Address                 Kfar Pines  #74  37920

Phone                    972-6- 6376694

Mobile                    050-7463340

Fax:                       972-6-6273439

Date of Birth          July 11, 1953

Place of Birth         San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Marital Status        Divorced

Military Service     June-October 1982 (in IDF) 13 years of reserve duty

Volunteer to Border Police  11-2001-12-2011


Employment History

Year                                                  Institute

  • 1972-73              West Valley Junior College, Saratoga, California                                                               Biology Lab assistant &  Inventory survey

1975-1977         Dept. of Viticulture & Enology, U.C. Davis, Calif.                                                                Lab assistant. Analysis of grapes in field and  lab and the making                              of wine samples.

  • 1976-75             Director and Youth Leader of Jewish Youth activities for the                                        Jewish Community of Davis, Calif.
  • 1978-1981         Dept. of Fruit Breeding & Genetics, The Volcani  Center, Bet                                          Dagan.  Lab assistant during PhD research

1982                   Kochav Hashchar.   Agronomist –Planted Vineyards

1982                   Galilee Technologies., Ramat Gan. Agricultural Adviser-                                                National Survey on the Industrial Potential  of  Plant                                                     Tissue  Culture in Israel.

1983-84              Yishuv Ofra.  Agronomist-

1984-85              Kibbutz Rosh Zurim.

1985-1991         Rehovot PhD. Researcher.: Use of  Plant Tissue Culture for plant                                 Physiology and  Propagation  Developed tissue culture-derived                                  embryonic propagation system  Physiological studies employing                                tissue culture of aspen and oaks

1991- 2012        AGECOTEC, Agricultural and Ecological Biotechnologies,  Ltd.                                      Kfar Pinnes #74, 37920  Managing Director-Plant tissue culture                                  technology and  vegetable Breeding: pepper, tomato, watermelon                             and maize (sweet corn and Corn Cane). Plant Physiology

2012                    Trenovation Ltd. Contracted to domesticate medicinal plant                                         Podophyilum, Agecotec was reorganized and renamed                                                  AgroSearch.

2013-215            Chief Scientist for Shmaya Pharmaceuticals, Ein Iron                                                     Medicinal Cannabis breeding, propagation methods

2012-                   Isratech 1996 Ruck Ltd. Chief Science Officer.


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PATENTS applied for




2015      Patent pending on genetic engineering of tomato

Books submitted for publication

2014        Introduction to Kosher Wine and Practical Home Winemaking



Year                Institute

  • 1987-1971      Del Mar High School, San Jose, California: 4 years Scholastic Honor                           Society  Awarded Honorable Mention Medallion for National                                     Science Contest for a research paper  on ‘The Effects of Ethrel on the                         Sex Expression in Cucumbers.

1971-73          West Valley Junior College, Saratoga, California.                                                              Major- Anthropology, minor-Botany

1973-74          University of California at Los Angeles:  Major-Agriculture, minor-                             Anthropology

  • 1974-75          University of California at Davis. Sc. in Plant Science. Major-                                       Viticulture & Enology: studied grapes and wine making Awarded                               the Jastrow-Shields Scholarship for  undergraduate research in the                           Life Sciences.
  • 1975-77           U.C. Davis, M.Sc. in Horticulture under Prof. H.P. Olmo, Dept.                                      of Viticulture & Enology. Thesis ‘Tissue Culture and the Induction                              of  Haploidy in Vitis’. Awarded the Winkler  Scholarship for                                         graduate research in Viticulture.
  • 1978-81           Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture in  Ph.D. under Prof. P.                              Spiegel-Roy  Dept. of Fruit Breeding and Genetics, The Volcani                                    Center, Bet Dagan. Thesis `In vitro Selection of Cell Culture Mutants                          of Citrus  limon to the Mal secco Toxin.


English–Graduate University level

Hebrew –fluent speaker, reading and writing limited



Computer Skills:average

Creating and running Irrigation systems

Tractor driving: Advanced

Plant Tissue Culture

Plant Physiology

Plant Breeding

Plant Propagation



Prof. A. Altman (Emeritis)    Dept. of Horticulture Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew                                                      UniversityP.O.B. 12, Rehovot 76100    08-481-077

Dr. Shlomo Pleban                  Stockton Head of the  Dept. of Research Ramat                                                                 Gan 03-576923

Eliezer Zuckerbruan               Seed Dealer and breeder 053 591984