Interview Questions for Dr. Barry Nadel

  1. What makes you write?
  2. Why did you write “Seeking the Light of justice”?
  3. Was there any one person who was your inspiration for Yoshua Rosenberg, the main character?
  4. What were the things that inspired you to write?
  5. In the book, you wrote(He wanted to tell the doctors and nurses removing his friend’s remains from his face, that he was fine, and that they should clean away his friend’s remains with more dignity and not just wipe it off with gauze pads and throw it away as if it was nothing.” Why do you feel that way?
  6. What’s the most important thing readers will learn from Seeking the Light of Justice?
  7. People struggle with ethical, moral and spiritual problems often because they are not taught to identify them or deal with them. What’s your best advice on how they can deal with these problems?
  8. When do you write? Is it easier to write in the morning or at night?
  9. Who’s your favorite author?
  10. Where can we buy the book? Amazon